Thursday, December 30, 2010


x kesah pe org nk ckp. . . . .
sbb mayb diorg xkn phm sbb diorg x rs pe yg ak rs. . . .

ehhmmmm. . . . . .

mohamad faizul hilmi. . . . .
sy rndu awk! sgt3!!! =.="
btol. . . . x tpu =(

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i need sum1 to cheer me up.

i feel dizzy when im writing diz. .
nmun ku gagah kn jua~ ;p
tetibe dmam la plak. .xpe. .ni sume ujian drNya. .

ac2ly i feel sad. . .owhhh, sick! y??
i dunno y. . T_T

wut i can say. . .
i really2 need sum1 to cheer me up!
to make me smile again. . . . .
owhh. . . . .plzzzz~ =.=

to IB...
i knw u r having fun rite now with sum other frenz. . . .
sheffield~london~paris. . . .n pasni xtaw lak mn. . . .
but. . . .
u dun knw wut im feeling rite now. . .
ok. .juz njoy urself k!
no need 2 think bout me. . .
have fun! =(

Saturday, December 18, 2010


im already 22 diz yer..
but..ac2ly im stil looking 4 d true meaning of life..
since i was born 22yers ago..its stil not answering my qs bout life..

n of writing diz bcoz i feel sumthing bout my life..
n i dunno how to deal with everything around me.
ntah la xtaw nk dscribe cmne..
da rs mcm2 da dlm ms 2taon nih.
epi, sdey, kcewa..sume la..
ac2ly kalo bab study..
sumtimes i feel like da b'usaha, struggle gle2 but kjayaan bkn milik ak..
kdg2 jeles tgk org yg relax2 jek but top scorer..ak??duk tgk je la..
n spai skrg..everything in my wishlists, wuteva i want, my dreams..
blh kate sume la ak usaha sndri..
n 4 ur info, da lame kot x dpt duet..sume survive gne duet allownce..
tnkiu bpg, MOE n also gov..
kalo x, xdpt merasa sume bnde2 nih.. ;p
nk sumthing, if rs2 cm xdpt jek or xckup kalo gne allownce, ak keje time cti..
even my driving license also from my own money..
dpt mn??keje maa...huhuu~
ok..ak x slhkn sp2 pn..lgpn ak bgga dgn dri sndri..
ak b'usaha sndri nk dptkn sumthing in my life..
sbb ble kte b'usaha nk dptkn sumthing with our efforts, kte akn dpt rs kmanisannye..
rs sgt2 puas ble b'jaye dptkn bnde 2, bgga dgn dri sndri..

ac2ly life 2 ape sbnrnye??
aftr duk pk pnjg..t'mnung, ambk mood ckup2..
muhasabah dri jap..wat rflection...
wut i can say dat..
it is a brief overview of why we r here, wut we experience, wut we feel such as epi, unhappy, depressed etc, how we struggle to achieve sumthing, how we deal with everything, memories, history etc..

yup..da rs mcm2 dlm idup nih..
da pnah rs bkn la sng yg kaye raye 2 ok!
ups n downs..
n now, ble da lalui sume 2..da rs cm ready jgk la nk tmpuhi hari2 mndtg..
da agk ready ngn future..
rsnye if cmpk mn2 pn da bley survive..insyaAllah..
thnx Allah 4 d great life..

n i really hope soon i will understand wuts d true meaning of life...

Friday, December 17, 2010

2months 2weeks & 4days

2months 2weeks n 4days???
owhh..really?rs cm da lame sgt2..
rpenye bru 2bln lbh??aishhh~~

2months 2weeks n 4days...
awk taw kn pe??
yes...d las time i saw u..
d las time i met u.... T_T
las time ngedate..hik2 on9 jek... ;p

ehhmmm...cpt la bln 7...

Thursday, December 16, 2010


ye..arini sy mau mnulis lg..
aftr da brangan2 nk g melbourne, entry ni plak psl rlationship.. in a rlationship with 'sum1'..
bese la..da nm pn rlationship..even org yg da kwen pn stil ade prob,ni plak stkt rlationship...
sume msti ade pnye prob msg2 kn...sum pple said 'ala..gado2 2 la yg wat kte lg close n phm our partner'. yup, its true..smkin byk gado, ac2ly smkin stable rlationship 2...
but, bkn gado yg sbb 3rd party ke pe ke..
gado psl dri kte n partner la..kte xphm die,die xphm kte..
so,lame2 kte phm laa ble da ok..time gado 2 mmg la skt ati,mrh,geram etc..
but, pekate kalo time gado 2 evry1 take time 2 b alone..bcoz we need time 2 think..
is it it worth..wut shud we do etc..then we'll realized sumthin'..

same goes to me..dlu,mmg kaki gado la.. ;p
xprnh nk mngalah (spai skrg pn...) hik2..
time gado 2 mmg ckp pn sume abs kua..msti nk clash la..
n now,i realized dat ble ade prob, we shud have our own time..
xyah nk cal,msg mrh2..juz take ur time..duk snyap2 sorg2..
silence is better la sng cte..
sbb,ble due2 tgh 'pns', nothing works..jd lg trok ade la..
time 2 la mcm2 ayt bley kua, mcm2 bley jd...
pas2 spai dcide nk clash...end up everything..bla3..
kdg2 2 spai sggup x cntct 1mggu...lbh pade 2 pn ade..

but now...nk mrjok skjp pn xbley dh..
ape tah lg kalo xcntct 1mggu..haha~
ishh..cant imagine la..

so..sbnrnye xde pape pn..hehe~
sj jek mngarut entry nih..
juz t'pk sumthing nk mluahkn isi ati sket... ;p


wut will u do if u r in a rltionship with sum1..
n suddenly his/her ex comes 2 u..n cte bout their pas life??
n his/her ex plak ckp mmg down gle2 la time clash dlu etc..
n now epi tgk rlationship korg..
die ckp die epi tgk korg due..
n ngaku cple ngn bf/gf skrg sbb time 2 sdey gle,down gle time clash..???
korg bley trime x??aiyakkk~~ ade gak cmni...
tp xpe..biakan je la..hee~ sj2 jek,bkn pe pn..hik2~

ok2...xtaw dh nk mrepek psl pe... thinking of sum1 rite now.. T_T
awk...cpt la abs class...mis u~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


melbourne?? it's 1 of my wishlists...hahaa~
my dream place 2 go for vacation....hopefully..
i dunno when, but im planning 2 go there..
when sum1 asked me 'y dont we go to melbourne when i come back 2 m'sia during summer??'
wow!! yes..of coz i wanna go there...really hope i could go there 1 day..
dat prson said, 'since we knw sum other frenz who r still studying its a bonus..
we can ask them, jd tourist guide, mntk tlg diorg etc..sng sket'
yup..i knw...but..kne pk tol2 bleh men redah cm2 jek..aishhh~
'juz ask permission from ur parents n when they allow us 2 go there, then we go la'
aishh...awk...sngnye ckp..awk willing ke nk support sy nih??hahaa~

tp..mnarek gak kn...g melbourne..
skrg pn nk travel sng..ade airasia..even nk g uk pn da sng..airasia suda.. ;p

tp kn tringin sgt nk g melbourne..xtaw npe..
org len nk g paris, round europe, g rome la etc but sy juz nk g melbourne jek... ;p
nk g tgk Ferris Wheel, beach esp St. Kilda beach, urban wheel, Melbourne Skyline, naek sky wheel, g Federation Square..
jln2 kt Great Ocean Road, Rialto towers, Richmonch, Fitzroy, n South Yara,..
mnareknye...sp nk bwk sy g melbourne?? hehee~

have a look at diz pics~~

federation square

ferris wheel

south melbourne town hall

dats y i wish i could visit there 1 day...
but..sp nk bwk nih???aishhh~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

long distance?check it out! =)

we live a word apart, when its morning time here it's nite time there, n it hurts bcoz we have everything in common... d distances keep us apart..

n now im too afraid to ever loose her/him... never knw such a luv like diz, dat awaken my soul n brings d bez out in me but then here comes d distances willing to tear us apart =(

have u ever feel like diz??
i juz read about 'Tips on how to handle Long Distance Relationship'...
so nice..hehe~
4 those who r in d same boat with me, lets read diz~

  • The most important thing in LDRs is trust. You must talk as much as possible.
  • Be honest,faithful,whenever you feel neglected dont go seek attention from another guy/girl,tell her/him that you are feeling neglected.
  • Don't doubt. Talk 2 her/him like she/he is there, always remind her/him that she/he has all your love.
  • Don't ever try to make her/him jealous.

luv is 4eva~ ♥

love is forever! by muse..
currently listen to diz song...
not currently ac2ly but it bcame 1 of my fav rcently..
its not a new song..but...
it rminds me...ehhmmm...sum1 ac2ly...hee~~
d beautiful.....
here d lyric..
check it out! :P

I was searching you were on a mission
Then our hearts combined like a neutron star collision
I have nothing left to lose
You took your time to choose
Then we told each other with no trace of fear that

Our love would be forever
And if we die, we die together
Well I, I said never
Cause our love would be forever

The world is broken, halos fail to glisten
We try to make a difference but no one wants to listen
Hail the preachers, fake and proud
Their doctrines will be cloud
Then they'll dissipate like snowflakes in an ocean

Love is forever and we'll die
We'll die together
Well I, I said never
Cause our love, could be forever

Now I've got nothing left to lose
You take your side to choose
I can tell you now without a trace of fear

That my love will be forever
And well die, we'll die together
Will I, I will never
Cause our love will be forever

Monday, December 13, 2010

yes,im thinking of u!

ble ak wat entry bese la mknenye sgt2 bosan..bosan thp dewa!
1st day sem bru..aishh~~ bosan yg amat~~
ble da bosan n xtaw nk wat mnde...tbe2.....t'igt la plak..ehhmmm..

yes, im thinking of u rite now!

listen 2 d song 'heartbeats' by Jose Gonzales.. ;) missing u! missing u every heartbeats... =.=

sile la blek cpt...pnt la nk kire ari ari2...
asek counting d days everyday..pnt taw! T_T

well...nk tgk nk tgk muvi ngn awk..
tp..ble?? awk ckp bln lg bln 7...
taon bru pn x msok lg..aishhh~~

to incik bf~
u drive me crazeee!!!
MYDM..... =(

Sunday, December 5, 2010

tlg la hentikan!

tlg la hntikan...da muak la...
sory 2 say..da xbley trime da bnde nih...
'b'pure2 bek' dpn org...pdhal???
d worst ble b'pure2 bek ngn ak,ckp psl org ni,org 2..
tp blakg ak,tbe2 ak lak yg ckp bnde 2..
pe kjadahnye???dpn ak cte psl org len,kt org len cte psl ak..
ko ske eh wat org skt ati,gado ngn org len??
hey2 plz laa....ak da taw la....
n ntah da bpe rmai da yg jd mgsa kn..
so,tlg la hntikan 'b'pure2 bek ' k..sbb rsnye org len pn da taw..
bkn ak sorg jek....
sick of u!