Thursday, September 27, 2012

haaa. . .finally update jgk blog ni :P

lame x update blog. bz2. . .ehmm. . .well, xde la bz pn. just exhausted! blek keje rs cm nk pengsan. .
ohhh how i miss my gud time time jd student dlu.

ok, bout working. . .life keje xtaw nk describe cmne.
pnt+kdg2 bosan+rs cm d buli+x dihargai+etc. . .
mixed feeling! kdg2 best! but its ok. its just temporary. .
to MOE, plz plz plz! cpt2 bg kitorg posting. x sgup dh idup cmni -__-

next, since he's away. . .ehmmm. . .
ntah xtaw nk ckp cmne -__-
xpe la next year jmpe lg. . .
honestly, xsuke gile bile dgr org ckp 'ktorg ni jmpe sbulan skali jek. . .bla3'
ehmm. . .toksah la nk keco2 sgt eh. . .aku ni jmpe staon skali pn x keco!
ishhh! dh2 jgn emo la aziah. . . :P

haaa bnde plg best. . .7th oct will b my graduation day babeh!!
mari2 g uia ye. . .bwk bunge! hehee~
finally d time is coming! xcited gak ni. hihi. . .

dear u,
how i wish u'll b there. . .celebrate my big day after 6years of study -__-
i always dream. . .at dat time, u bring a bouquet of flower [red roses+lily]
u n my family members come along on dat day. . .
how i wish T__T
but its ok. . .nk wat cmne. . .
kao la uk-m'sia ni dekat cm m'sia-s'pore. . .

ok la. . .xmo bebel pnjg2. hik2.
pdhal da mls nk type. nk tdo. pnt. bubye!

p/s~ imy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

almost a month, im jobless!

life of a jobless is not easy.
well, mmg la bez sgt2, tdo lewat bgn lewat. suke2 nk watpe.
mkn tdo tgk tv on9. mkn lg. duk lg tgk tv.
xyh wat pape.

but, no income. haha~
well nk byr bil pn da xmmpu. apetah lg nk shopping2.
bez nye la idup duk goyang kaki tp ade income. rs nk bli ape pn sume dpt.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


hurt me with d truth.
never comfort me with a lie!

i prefer to know d truth even though its really hurt rather than such a lie to make me happy!
so plz. let me know.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

happy anniversary! ♥♥

3 years with u. . .
u r my   ! thanks 4 always b there 4 me =)
always lend ur arms for me. . .
d ones dat i shared everything~ epiness, sadness, sorrow, excited etc.

happy anniversary to us. . .
me n blog. . .we r together for 3 years 


ehmmm. . .
today. . .1023 days with u 
mcm x caye kn kn kn?? :P

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

:: 15 things to do before i get married ;)

yeahhh it may sound 'gedik' but i dun care! hahaa~ well, i wanna share 15 must-to-do things before i get married. im 24years old this year. muda lg kn? blaja pn bru abs. keje la dlu! n i dun think its suitable for me to get married now before i can achieve all these things! so, let's cekidaut~ ;)

1. i wanna make my parents hepi, also my family! nk b'jasa kepada both of them. i wanna make them proud. insyaAllah. ehmmm, i will wait until they are ready to 'lepaskan' aku =(

2. i wanna own my own house n car. then only i will think about getting married!

3. nk sponsor d whole family for vacation. mayb indon?? i think so.

4. at least i've 20k-30k in bank b4 i get married. bcoz marriage is not wut we think. then only u'll know!

5. pegi vacation dgn kwn2. to sumwhere called 'island'. nk sgt3~ bachelorette mayb? hahaa~

6. i wanna go to melbourne. my wishlist eva! next. . . .

7. ehhmmmm. . .further study! smestinye. but if xdpt pn, after married pn buleh kn kn kn?? :P

8. nk jd cantek+kurus menawan buleh dak?? hahahahaa~ [berangan2]

9. run a business. do pray for me =)

10. nk jd lebih baik. hijrah to b more +ve. prnh dgr kn 'lelaki yg baik untuk perempuan yang baik n vice versa'.

11. dapat sume bnde dlm wishlist dlu. capai sume impian.

12. pastikan adk2 dh abs blaja n b'jaya dlm hidup msing2 dlu. . . this is my promise to my parents [berat gak tanggungjawab ni] doakan ya?

13. nk khatam Al-Quran at least 3X before kwen. . .insyaAllah.

14. buat istikharah, mntk petunjuk btol ke die jdoh aku. . .btol ke die la bkl imam aku nnt, bkl bimbing aku, bkl teman seumur hidup yg akn kongsi segala suka dan duka, dad for my children. . .n mntk d ttapkan ati. n lastly. . . .

15. mntk restu sume pihak n mntk mereka doakan yg t'baik. . . .[aishhh tetibe rase tacing2 la pulak]

so, i really2 wish that dpt wat sume bnde2 kt ats ni b4 get married. if not, at least dpt wat 10/12 pn jd la. . .then i'll continue after kwen. do pray for me ok? <3

Monday, April 23, 2012

officially graduated means life of a jobless begins!

orait, this entry will b very2 valuable for me? eh valuable kah?? hee~
yeahhh finally i was completed my 6 years of study. can u imagine 6 years??
tambah sket lg dh bole jd dokter :P
well apepun cgrats to myself coz b'jaya menamatkan pelajaran. cewahhhh ;)

ehmmm it's about a week n i feel bored. yelaa like pple said, time blaja mmg rase xsaba2 nk abs, duk pk ble laa nk abs ni blaja, then ble da abs lak rs bosan, laa da abs ke blaja?? pas2 ble dh keje lak rase cm lg bea kalo blaja cm dlu ;)
manusia mmg cmtu.heee~

actually i wanna share my journey of 6 years of study but its too long la! hee~
so lets me simplify ok?

i was started my study right after spm. i dunno why i had chose this field sedangkan xde prasaan lgsg nk jd ckgu. never think to b a tcher. siyesly.
it started when my dad told me about d advertisement of this course in newspaper. i just said ok, i'll read it later.
then, when my dad knew i would not read that paper, he asked me to buy pin no utk apply course ni esk jgk!
wow, sgt b'semangat d c2.hee~

then, esknye pegi la bsn nk bli pin no 2. pas2 kne pkse lg bkak website utk tgk syarat2 utk satu2 couse. what came on my mind, 'aku nk ambik tesl je la, this is d only couse yg mmg xyh duk mktb straight 5taon stgh'. hehee~
so, when i filled up d application, i had chose 1st~ tesl for secondary school, 2nd~ tesl for primary school n 3rd~ math+bi

then b'jaya la dpt utk d intrview kt ipti, jb (now ipgm kti), tesl secondary school babeh! ;)
i was d 1st person 2 b interview on dat day. 1st person, 1st day, n mase yg 1st lak 2!
d intrview was conducted in 2 time, pg n ptg.
so boleh kate sume 1 la ;)
dh la ms interview jwb merepek2 aje.hahaa~

later. . .result pn klua la. . .

tahniah! permohonan anda berjaya.

kursus: b. ed. tesl sekolah menengah
institut perguruan: institut perguruan perempuan melayu melaka

hah!! ambk ko! dapat beb! tp i've no feeling at all!
ehmmm dh la tmpt prempuan sume, mn nk cri bf nnt?? :P:P

then base lg, die kate 4taon pengajian d institut perguruan n 2taon kt universiti!
cehhhh ko tipu aku! mase apply kate 2taon kt mktb n 4taon dkt u! smgt la aku apply n g intrview!

then i saw my parents mcm nk sgt aku msk blaja cni, so aku pn pegi la! huh!! spai2 jek kate dlm ati., 'bapak buruk tmpt ni! cmne aku nk duk cni n blaja lame2?? omaigod!'
then on my 1st day xde air lak 2. sdehhhhh sgt2 rase, pk npe la nasib aku cmni, dpt tmpt buruk, xde air, tmpt lak mmg mentensionkan la! xtaw nk ckp cmne. . .

hari2 berikutnye. . . . . . .
boleh d katekan almost everyday nangis sbb mengenangkan nasib t'cmpak kt cni.
ble mandi jek nangis, asl nangis jek msti time mandi. hehee~
lame gak la. . .

this couse actually contains 2 years foundation n 4 years degree.
after i had completed my foundation here, i still need to study here for 1 year before i go to uia.
means that year 2 bru pegi uia. tp x lesah la jnji dpt kua dr tmpt mcm penjara ni.
well, for your info, tmpt ni aku pggil penjara. wanna know y??
bcoz. . .kne treat mcm bdk skolah. beveryday leh kua tp kol 2pm-7pm only. pkai bju kurung ye adk2 akk2.!
no jeans at all! even nk bli nasik pn kol 2, kalo x t'pksa la beli kot tepi pagar mktb ni, dh mcm org pe dh ktorg ni. sgt2 sdeh taw. dh la couse tesl ni mmg asek d aim aje ngn hep!
[ok ok enough psl ni, xnk burukkn lg tmpt ni]

ble dh 2nd year, idup sgt2 heaven! life in uia sgt2 bez la compared to mktb!
mmg heaven gile la! suek ati nk wat ape, klas pn ade pg ade ptg, boleh bgn lmbt. pegi jln2 spai rs nk mati, sume la.hee~ kol 12am beu blek.hik2. mktb ade cmni???? TAKDE!!
dh duk 2taon cni, blek la smule ke mktn aka penjara tu.

pas2 may 2011, ROS (rancangan orientasi skolah/ school based xperience) lak.
aku wat kt SK Putrajaya Presint 8 (2). sgt3 best!!

i was came back to mktb on july 2011. owhhh nooooo!! life d penjara begins. . .
study for 1 sem n on jan, pegi practicum!
SK Lesong Batu, Alor Gajah.
[for my practicum story, refer older post ok ;)]

n now, i was completed my study for a week.
so, means dat i m a jobless for a week! mn nk cri keje ni?? nk keje ape??
owhhh nooooo!!! ln 28th-30th may ade kissm la plak! aishhhhh!! so cmne nk keje ni??
im broke! i need money!!! owhhh d life of jobless is sooooo challenging!
tdo on9 mkn tgk tv. . .tdo lg. . .mkn mkn mkn. . .on9. .tgk tv lg. . .on9 lg lg dan lg!

i need money money moneyyyyyyy!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

a week left to be cherished~

it has comes to d end. howyeahhhh~
a week left to be njoyed with my pupils n also staff of sk lesong batu!
im njoying my last moments with them.

in other words, i can say 'MERDEKAAAAAA' !!! (",)~
after 6 years of study, now i can smile (^________^)

hiphipppppp horayyyyyyyy!!!!! ;)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

14 weeks to go~



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

malu pn ade :P

ok, this entry nk ckp psl perasaan malu.
iye, m.a.l.u. malu!

cte nye start gni. . .
org asek tnye ak psl jhr.
ok, mmg im johorean, specific lg mersing.
tp. . .when pple keep asking me bout jhr, what's so special bout jhr, mknn jhr blablablaaa
ak mmg xtaw. owhhh sgt malu. especially ble org cm perli2 kate org jhr, duk jhr xkn la xtaw kot.
hahhh ambk ko kne sbijik :malumalumalu:

caye x if i say last time pegi jb 6taon lpas?
2 pn sbb pegi interview kt mktb [ipg temenggong ibrahim dkt ngn larkin 2]
jgn tanye pe shopping complex bez, kt mn mkn sdap etc!
even danga bay yg femes sgt2 2 pn ak x prnh pegi -_-
kesian x?

ble org tnye psl mersing [kg sndiri] pn ak xblh nk jwb -_-
sbnrnye pe yg ak taw ni??
haaaa. . .tp kalo org tnye psl putrajaya, insyaAllah ak blh jwb =)
n kalo tnye psl melaka, bole la jgk nk jwb. . .
tp kalo psl jhr, mntk maaf la -_-

sory, ak xprnh x ngaku or malu ak ni org mn.
juz ble org tnye, ak xleh nk jwb. sory.
sbnrnye mmg malu la :blushingblushing:

ok chow babeh~

Monday, March 12, 2012


another a month left to complete my 6years course.
da mcm nk jd dokter plak kn? xpe2. .
but when every1 seems bz nk cri bju untuk konvo, rs cm sdeh jgk. n mule la pk when my turn lak ni? asek2 org laen jek konvo, ak lak ble??
ma n ayh, saba ye. insyaAllah on september or october nnt kte akn naek stage ambk scroll time konvo. saba sket jek lg ;)

ok, another one of course bout my practical la.
adehhhh saket jiwe rage otak sume ble mark paper bdk2 drjh 4.
english n also kjian tempatan.

for kjian tempatan:
bentuk muka bumi yg sesuai bg rumah pangsa/kondominium
jawapan: bombom [apekah???]

nyatakan 2 lokasi petempatan awal manusia di gua
jawapan: gua niah dan gua hira' [apply islamic value nih :P]

for english:
ade yg wat ayt:
she a bus stop
uncle suit coffee

[ni jek yg sempat igt :P]

sape kate jd ckgu 2 senang??

Thursday, February 16, 2012

mari2 update blog!

lame dh x update.
tetibe rase rajin nk update.
tp actually bkn update, nk wat report :P

dh sbulan praktikal.
rs nk resign. sape kate jd ckgu senang? bez??
sape kate ckgu blek awl?? owhhh no no no!
keje ckgu keje yg mmg xkn abs.

everyday blek lmbt.
ade xtvt koku la.
training netball n so on.
muke da burn.
pas2 da blek, wat lesson plan lak utk esknye.
wat teaching materials.
bapak byk!
everyday tdo kol 3,4 pg.
kalo tdo kol 2 mknenye awl la 2.
pg2 g skola muke ntah rupe ape dh jadi. eyebag toksah kate la kn. . .

owhhh how i miss my life.
tdo2 mkn2 lepak2 suke ati.
bergumbira lalalaaaa. miss my old life.

p/s~ 7 weeks to go. gogogogogo!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012


m thinking of nk wat blog jd cm ala2 ilmiah. . .
i wanna put my collection of lesson plans here.
but nnt jd cm skema la plak.
or mayb i juz create another blog. . .

ehhmmm. . .
wut say u?

i say, nnt2 la pk :P

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

xtaw lagi nk letak title amende. aishhh

ok, tetibe rase nk update blog. tp xtaw nk tulis ape.

owhhh sy sgt mls nk pegi skola kamis ni.
npe skola x cti tros 1 mggu jek??knapeeeeee???

rase mcm nk resign jek [buleh x gune word ni??ahaks~]

wat ms ni, wuts on my mind is 'i dun wanna b a ticer! full stop.


Friday, January 6, 2012

plz call me 'miss zyzy' :P

'gud morning class. my name is . . . . n u can call me 'miss zyzy' . . .bla bla blaaaaa' :P

pengumuman pengumuman. . .

from 16th jan 2012, i'll b an english teacher n also 'ckgu kjian tempatan' at sk lesung batu, alor gajah, melaka. . .heee~

[pdhal practical jek. ayt mcm org posting plak.hahaa]

ok2, practical ni juz 3 months only but i've lots of thing to be prepared, to be done during my practical.

so. . .do pray for me ok? hope everything ok, fun n joyful. insyaAllah =)
hope i'll gain lots of xperience as a tcher-to-be.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

xtaw nk letak tajuk ape.

mslh btol kalo bab2 nk ltak title utk entry. pnt nk pk. hee.
xpe la suke ati la nk ltak pe pn.

well, cti dh nk abs dh. so kne blek smule la kt 'penjara' 2 dlm 2mggu then. . .
ready 4 practical. owhhhh !
it wud b very2 hectic n stressful [wut my senior said la]
so get ready physically n mentally miszyzy ;)
chaiyok2 ! [sbnrnye takooooootttttt sgt3] >,<

ok, have a nice day everyone n senyum2 sokmo deh?? =)

. . . the end. . .