Wednesday, October 9, 2013

:: LoNdOn. . .hEre I cOme !!

hello ;)
time is getting shorter n limited for me to update my blog with new entry..
owhhh how i wish to b a student i've time for myself, do wuteva i want..n update blog!
work at remote area makes me feel far far away from socialization n urbanisation..
no coverage n network..wifi sek lembab lebih dr siput!

ok, stop talking abou remote area, work etc.
now, nk cte psl g london. ngeee~ ade la dlm 2 bln lepas kot.
alaahaiii dh 2 bln bru nk wat entry g london!
how bz i m...ehmm time g sn summer nk msuk autumn..
fuhhh sejuk gile! ble angin b'tiup, sjuk smpai ke dlm tulang rase.
xtahan! kalo cmni, xleh la nk berangan g maen salji. huhu~

ok, layan je la bberape pics kt sn ;)

p/s~ million thanks to mr. luv sbb bwk i g jln2 london ;)

Friday, May 31, 2013

:: mY nEw LifE ::


wahhh it has been a loooonnnggg time i didnt post any new entry..
lbh stgh tahun dh! wow~

orait...since i had been posted in sabah..i've no time to write new entry..
cte mcm2..evn bkak blog pn x..

ehmm... ntah ape keajaiban yg dtg tetibe terigt blog. well..

i am officially an english teacher at SK Pantai Boring, Beluran, Sabah..
all the tears..hardships..dugaan rintangan kt sn..
stlh stgh taon duk kt tmpt org..finally i've gained my new spirit..

well, live in remote area giving me so much experiences..
so challenging..

can u imagine..suddenly dpt tau kne posting kt sabah..
daerah beluran [which i never know b4] n lastly d school..named SK Pantai Boring..
n dpt tau plak 'pedalaman 3'?? wowwww~

at 1st, pnt pk why me?? why shud i be posted there?? why meeee?????

n now after 6 months lives there..teach at dat school..
im happy.. Alhamdulillah.. all praises be to Allah..
thanks to my parents, family, friends and 'him' for giving me motivation, support..advice smpai sy blh terima hakikat kne duk jauhhhhhh ngn family n duk kt tmpt yg sy x prnh t'pk lgsg sblm ni..

p/s~ nnt la update psl sek etc ;)